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hi. :iconavallynh:Avallynh 3 10 derelict: premade background :iconavallynh:Avallynh 10 5 a memory of light :iconavallynh:Avallynh 11 3 streets of old :iconavallynh:Avallynh 0 7 rapture :iconavallynh:Avallynh 0 2 tranquil: premade background :iconavallynh:Avallynh 57 3
we part in the fall:
you leave me a winter of
withering and want.
:iconavallynh:Avallynh 27 34
the world was wider, once: strewn bright
and willing to a fingertip's beckoning, riddled
with roads that spilled in breathless wanders
to otherlands of reverie. i remember
the promise i made a wild changeling child
before i bade her hush and say goodnight --
i've not woken her since: she sleeps and i steal
her spun-glass dreams for my garden
of wilt, ever longing to hold
the ghost-dance that spins by their dying light.
:iconavallynh:Avallynh 59 61
here, the dawn that wakes
is spun cruel: still-
clinging threads of halfsleep
through the fade of dreams
i yearn to keep.
:iconavallynh:Avallynh 10 11
summer-boy and such: early musings
i dream of night-lit lonely beaches at the cusp where
summer tips over into autumn and the stars won't stay in one place and
there's a telltale chill in the air and college kids and fires guarding
our shores from the tide,
of a boy with soft brown curls
spilling down the nape of his neck: a fire-bright boy with glow-gold
eyelashes and burnished eyes and lightning smiles and
out-of-step tangos to mandolin ballads and shards of bottles and spills of stale wine and
brazen skies all storm-edged and
things i'd do if i couldn't regret, and
winter comes, summerlover, and i dream
of you.
:iconavallynh:Avallynh 23 43
your wake is the warm
languid whorl of a sachet-latté
morning after,
gone when six a.m. rain swirls
pavement scents of whiskeysmoke
& a careless caress away
under cinnamon-sugar grace --
and it was only ever this:
you were lovely
by trembled halflight, when you almost had
my summer-boy's eyes.
:iconavallynh:Avallynh 53 61
i want him unpoetic and graceless and impossible, rawboned and alive with the thrum of stubborn, stupid strength, arrogant and cocksure and good, with a roughscuffed heart of gold that longs for home and loves whole and pure and hopeless with a wanting that makes the words all tangle and catch in his throat but flow warm and willing from fingertips that know me better, with a rogue's twistlipped lightning smile and a laugh that rings echoes of the child he wasn't long enough, and eyes always, always burning fire-under-glass: brighter by the weight of the world on his shoulders or my dreams between his lashes, gold whispers blinking slow by dawnlight.
:iconavallynh:Avallynh 45 41
you came clinging to the grace of a summer storm's
underbreath, came cold hands and tired eyes
and a bruised lip i'd longed to kiss
when you stumbled on night listing
too far to the left
cross my thistledown garden by old dusks
that wilt between, i'll keep my door open:
your lady in sepia doesn't live here, only
the ghosts and i -- and Grandmother,
in the far-between wanders when she can
remember --
but i've a place where you can
lay your wayworn bones to dry, and
if morning should come calling, i'll not
tell her where you sleep.
and stayed awhile.
:iconavallynh:Avallynh 73 90
s o a r :iconavallynh:Avallynh 44 20
i'm not mine to give,
:iconavallynh:Avallynh 32 41
the world is brighter where
dregs of strangers' revels remain --
i keep this half-light for my own.
i'll stay until the wind sighs a scotch-and-smoke
cliché, til the Muscadet's slipped from the lip
of my wayward
hello.(i know you're there before you do.)
your night is told in
patchouli-pulse wanders; mine,
in whorls of liqueur-breath. come
close and i'll find the warp
through the weft, the trails telling tales
in synaesthesia --
Platinum Blonde's been 'round and gone.
(-- closer, find syllables strewn
in an exhale's wake; stolen from my throat-
ful of careless farewells, spin and sway
and beg you stay.)
time enough for a kiss-
and-never-tell, for a stumbling waltz
to the dissonance of crystal-shatter odes
to the summerlong i knew you --
we were(n't) meant for more than this.
morning goes right through you,
and breathes a thousand fortunes in-
to shards of (our) stranger starfall.
:iconavallynh:Avallynh 206 100

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I :+fav: when I'm inspired or when I wish I could do that, or when I'm knocked just plain breathless.


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